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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MACA girls overcome Minnewaska's 3's

Tigers 75, 'Waska 67
Wow! A game with an exciting complexion ended with the MACA girls on top. The score was 75-67 on Tuesday night. This West Central Conference hoops action was at our home gym, where our fans could cheer in spite of 14 - that's right, 14 - three-pointers by the visiting Lakers of Minnewaska Area.
Carley Stewart made four 3's for the Lakers. Abby VerSteeg and Ashlyn Guggisberg each made three long-rangers. Shelby Pfannenstein connected twice from three-point range. Bailey Stewart and Anna Vold each made one '3'. Stewart with her 23 points led 'Waska's scoring.
In spite of all those thrilling long-rangers, it was coach Dale Henrich's Tigers who prevailed! How? We countered those 3's with balanced scoring. We also had a fair amount of our own success with long-range shooting. Becca Holland sank three 3-pointers, followed by Correy Hickman with two and Riley Decker with one.
It was Moira McNally topping the Tigers' scoring with 21 points followed closely by Karly Fehr with 20. Holland and Ashley Solvie also made double figures with 13 and 10 points, respectively. Riley Decker scored seven points while Nicole Solvie and Carly Wohlers each scored two. The Tigers led 32-29 at halftime.
Our win was No. 8 of the season and brought us within a game of .500. In conference we're sitting better at 6-3. 'Waska sails along with a quite fine overall record of 13-5 and 5-3 in conference.
McNally was a force on the boards, collecting a team-best 14 rebounds. Ashley Solvie had ten rebounds and Holland nine. Holland produced seven assists. Holland picked up five steals and Hickman had four.
The Tigers turned things around from when they were dealt defeat by Minnewaska on December 10 (a 55-43 score). Note that MACA surged with 31 rebounds in the first half of the Tuesday re-match. 'Waska came into this game having won ten games in a stretch of 12. Keep an eye on 'Waska. They are never any kind of pushover.
Boys: ACGC 67, Tigers 65
Suspense was high in the closing stages of the MACA vs. ACGC boys hoops game on Friday, Jan. 22, at Grove City. Unfortunately for the Tigers, breaks didn't go their way at the end. The outcome could have gone either way within the last minute. Gabe Eisenbacher stole the ball for ACGC. He kept the ball, charged toward the basket and performed a two-handed dunk. The clock showed ten seconds left.
The Falcons then performed another steal to snuff out any remaining MACA hopes. The final horn sounded with ACGC as the 67-65 winner.
The Falcons entered the night having lost five straight. They entered the weekend with a 5-10 overall record. Meanwhile the Tigers stayed over .500 with 10-7 overall numbers.
Star Tiger Eric Staebler was held to just ten points. The Falcons got up on us by halftime, by a margin of eight, and improved on that into the second half to where they led by 14. The Tigers got back into the game but couldn't surpass those Falcons and their cheering Grove City fans.
It was Jacob Zosel leading the Tigers in scoring with 16 points. Sean Amundson put in 14 points. Steabler with his ten points and Lukus Manska with 12 were other double figures scorers for coach Mark Torgerson's crew. Camden Arndt put in nine points and Robert Rohloff four.
Manska was dead-on in three-point shooting, making four of these shots. Amundson and Zosel each made two long-rangers, and Arndt made one. Staebler was in the groove rebounding, collecting 17. Zosel had seven assists followed by Amundson and Rohloff with four each.
The top ACGC scorer was Colton Minnick with 24 points. Payton Kinzler made two 3-point shots. Adam Johnson and Eisenbacher each grabbed ten rebounds. Erik Belgum produced five assists. Jarren Kaddatz and Kinzler each stole the ball twice.
Click on the permalink below to read about these other recent MACA hoops games: the girls' 58-42 win over ACGC, the boys' 59-56 win over Benson, and the girls' loss to Monte by a score of 46-43. This post is on my companion website, "Morris of Course." Thanks for reading. - B.W.
Willmar paper continues struggling
The recent 59-56 win by the MACA boys over Benson got puzzling coverage in the Willmar newspaper, in that the Benson scoring list included two players with the same name: "Adam Lindahl." Adam Lindahl scored eight points and Adam Lindahl scored 20 points, according to that paper. Further down in the boxscore, we see the Lindahl name with first name abbreviations. We see "Ad." Lindahl and "An." Lindahl. I found the roster with Maxpreps and discovered we have Adam Lindahl and Andrew Lindahl with the Braves, a rare team still represented by a Native American nickname. And don't think "Braves" is intended generically, because the logo has feathers from a headdress. I'm surprised they've gotten away with this so long.
Seems to me the Willmar paper could refer to the Lindahl boys with full names always printed: "Adam" and "Andrew." We saw the same problem when the Holland sisters both played for MACA. First initials didn't work because the names were Beth and Becca. The type size is so small in the first place, the paper isn't saving an appreciable amount of space by abbreviating names.
The tiny type size is an issue by itself. Look at page B3: it's a sea of gray with type size so small, you'll at least need reading glasses. It has limited value in a scrapbook for this reason.
The Willmar newspaper would respond in its know-it-all way by saying a simple mixup with brothers' names is no big deal. Well, I can assure you it would be a big deal if I did it.
We learn that Rand Middleton of the West Central Tribune has been voted into some sort of football hall of fame. Well, what this means is that Mr. Middleton has spent the last 40 years or so promoting a sport that we're now learning has unacceptable health and physical consequences for its participants. I'd be ashamed getting an "honor" like that.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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