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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Boys fade in second half, fall to Montevideo

Monte 68, Tigers 60
The Tigers led at halftime but did not preserve that advantage through the second half, in Tuesday BBB action. The orange and black led 36-33 at the halfway mark. Our offense faded the rest of the way, or let's just say the Monte defense put the clamps down. The host Thunder Hawks won in the 68-60 final.
Troy Diggins gave lots of fuel for Monte's winning effort, scoring 23 points. He and Isaac Douglas each made two 3-pointers. Douglas' point total was eleven. There were four total T-Hawks scoring in double figures. Riley Emery put in 14 points and Travis Dreyer had ten. Preston Herfurth added eight points to the winning mix, and Jared Saue added two.
Diggens snared eight rebounds and Saue accounted for five. Diggins had four assists and Saue two. Emery had three steals followed by Diggins and Herfurth each with two.
Eric Staebler made three 3-pointers for the Tigers. Robert Rohloff made two long-range shots while Sean Amundson and Jacob Zosel each made one. The scoring list: Staebler (22), Amundson (15), Zosel (11), Rohloff (6), Camden Arndt (4) and Lukus Manska (2). Staebler had the team-best nine rebounds. Zosel and Rohloff each had four assists. Staebler and Amundson each had two steals.
Tigers 69, Chatfield 55
MACA boys basketball marched forward with two wins over the holiday season, in Annandale. The Tigers defeated Chatfield 69-55 on the first day of the Annandale Invitational.
Balanced scoring buoyed coach Mark Torgerson's crew. The win was No. 7 of the season. Eric Staebler led an offensive attack that had four Tigers in double figures scoring. Staebler poured in 19 points including one 3-pointer. Jacob Zosel led in long-range shooting with three long-range makes, and his point total was 16. Lukus Manska connected once from 3-point range.
Sean Amundson put in 15 points. Camden Arndt rounds out the list of double figures scorers, with ten points. Three other Tigers scored: Manska (5), Robert Rohloff (2) and Philip Anderson (2). Staebler was the top rebounder with 18. Amundson supplied six assists and Zosel had five. Amundson stole the ball twice.
The top Chatfield scorer was Dillon Bance with 15 points. Tristan Aguiar and Tyler Amy each made two 3-pointers. Chatfield led at halftime by one, 34-33, but MACA revved up its engines in second half play, outscoring Chatfield 36-21.
Tigers 63, Annandale 56
Eric Staebler came on strong, as he so often does, to give chief fuel in the Tigers' day 2 success at Annandale. The opponent was the undefeated host Annandale team. Annandale was no longer undefeated at the end of the day.
The Tigers got their win No. 8 of the season in this noteworthy 63-56 win. Annandale was left with a 10-1 record.
Staebler's scoring output was a most ample 34 points. He was quite dead-on from 3-point range, making four of these shots. Jacob Zosel made one '3'. Staebler was followed in scoring by Sean Amundson (11 points), Zosel (9), Camden Arndt (4), Lukus Manska (3) and Philip Anderson (2).
Staebler vacuumed the boards for 19 rebounds. Zosel had six assists and Manska had four. Robert Rohloff and Zosel each had two steals. MACA led 34-30 at halftime.
Annandale's top scorer was Jarod Wilken with 22 points. Alex Alma made four 3-point shots, and Brock Fobbe made one.
Let's usher in the new year with gusto!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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