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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Girls rule in second half, beat Melrose

Tigers 63, Melrose 32
The MACA girls limited Melrose to nine points in the second half Tuesday (1/12). What an incredible defense! Coach Dale Henrich surely smiled as he watched his Tigers down the Dutchmen. This hoops action was at the home court.
The first half saw the orange and black outscore Melrose by three, 26-23. The second half, by contrast, was a story of dominance by the Tigers. The Tigers outscored the stunned Dutchmen 37-9 - wow! - and prevailed in the 63-32 final. The second half indicated that the Tigers may get to .500 soon. We're at 5-8 now. In conference we are a game over .500 at 3-2.
Becca Holland nailed two 3-pointers. Riley Decker connected for one '3'. In scoring it was Ashley Solvie setting the pace with 16 points. We had two other double figures scorers: Correy Hickman (14) and Holland (13). The list continues with Moira McNally (9), Nicole Solvie (7), Decker (3) and Jenna Howden (1).
Ashley Solvie was also tops in rebounds with 12. Hickman collected five rebounds. Hickman had the team-best totals in assists (5) and steals (9).
The top scorer for Melrose was Maci Blommel with 16 points. Cassie Klaphake was a bright spot in this otherwise-struggling evening for Melrose, making three 3-pointers.
Boys: Sisseton 61, Tigers 57
The MACA boys got down early and were defeated by the Redmen of Sisseton SD. This Tuesday, Jan. 12, hoops contest saw the host Redmen get up 18-9 in the first quarter. It was a hole we couldn't escape. We outscored the Redmen in the second and fourth quarters but it wasn't enough.
Eric Staebler scored 20 points and Sean Amundson 17, but it wasn't enough. Sisseton prevailed 61-57. The MACA scoring list continued with Jacob Zosel (7), Robert Rohloff (4), Philip Anderson (4), Camden Arndt (3) and Lukus Manska (2).
The Tigers made exactly half their field goal attempts: 16 for 32. Amundson made two 3-pointers while Zosel and Arndt each made one. MACA was four of nine in three-point shooting. In freethrows the numbers were 21 of 28.
had the team-best rebound total of eight. Zosel was tops in assists with six. Anderson stole the ball twice. We had eleven turnovers.
Powerball adventure
Why does the Powerball have to have such a high jackpot? Instead of one staggeringly big prize, why not split it up so you create a whole bunch of millionaires? In theory this argument is so strong. But the people who run these things know better: the one astronomical prize has an allure that attracts all the suckers, excuse me, "customers."
I once knew Willie Martin well so I'm inclined to use the word "astronomical." Maybe I should say "super astronomical." Willie would say "have a super astronomical day." I don't think he'd be fond of the Powerball, a phenomenon that maybe says something about the desperation of living in America. We buy into an elusive dream, a dream as likely to come alive for us as seeing a unicorn.
Morris native Dom Klyve reminds of the futility of buying tickets. Klyve is a mathematical genius, quite the opposite of yours truly. I reject the Powerball on the basis of common sense. Klyve can help us reject it using numbers logic. Dom's father Bill used to arrange for me to come and cover Pheasants Forever banquets.
I once worked with Dom's mother Lynn at the Morris Sun Tribune. Lynn said "good morning" to me in a way that made me feel more buoyant than anything in the world. Those times are gone with the wind now. Lynn once said that years hence, "no one will remember I worked at the Sun Tribune." Well, I remember. She got attuned to the Internet early-on. She helped me learn the ropes. It was through emailing with Lynn that I learned that you can send and receive email from anywhere in the country, using a Yahoo or Gmail account. I was amazed discovering all this. I was so used to old, analog systems of communications. Finally I got "hip." Thanks Lynn.
Is it realistic to hope to win the Powerball? Is it realistic to hope to come in contact with space aliens?
"It's hard to come up with words for how unlikely this is," Dom Klyve of Central Washington University said. "You could try flipping a coin, calling it in the air, and your odds of getting it right 28 times in a row are better than your odds of winning the Powerball." Only one combination out of 292 million will win.
The more tickets you buy, the better the odds? Not by much, Klyve advises. If one person buys a single ticket while another person buys 20, Klyve says "they have a 20 times better chance of winning, but 20 times approximately zero is still approximately zero - neither of you are going to win tonight."
I remember the young prodigy Mr. Klyve working along the checkout line at Pamida in Morris. Pamida you'll remember was the predecessor to the more high-class ShopKo. Pamida was notorious for having such gaping potholes in the parking lot, it was dangerous.
Dom has a sister Danika who you might remember too. Danika is in the TV media field in the Twin Cities. Each year I email a Christmas greeting to Lynn and I see that she gets a link to my new Christmas song. She has stopped answering those emails. I'm sure she's very busy. She's a good friend of Judy Diehl of Morris.
Girls: Eden Valley-Watkins 62, Tigers 55
The Tigers were in good position at halftime, to try to win their Saturday contest vs. Eden Valley-Watkins. We led 29-27 in this road challenge. But the host found the tools to surge in the second half. EV-W outscored us 35-26 to win in the 62-55 final.
We faded despite having four double figures scorers. Ashley Solvie scored 12 points. Correy Hickman and Becca Holland each scored eleven, and Moira McNally put in ten. Nicole Solvie was a point shy of double figures. Riley Decker added two points to the mix.
Hickman made the Tigers' only 3-pointer. Ashley Solvie attacked the boards for 14 rebounds. Hickman and McNally each had six rebounds. Hickman passed crisply to get ten assists, and Holland had four. Hickman stole the ball five times.
The top EV-W scorer was Olivia Kuechle with 17 points. Five different EV-W players made one '3': Halle Jansen, Madeleine Geislinger, Emma Schultz, Kuechle and Kaitlyn Root.
Boys: Eden Valley-Watkins 63, Tigers 53
The MACA boys also faced Eden Valley-Watkins in the Saturday chapter of play, and victory eluded them as well. The Tigers were outscored by EV-W in both halves, 29-22 in the first and 34-31 in the second. So we lost in the 63-53 final.
Jacob Zosel was the top MACA scorer on this day, putting in 15 points. Eric Staebler scored 14 points and Camden Arndt ten. Then we have Sean Amundson with six points, Robert Rohloff with five and Philip Anderson with two.
made a couple 3-point shots. However, this department hurt the Tigers as we made just three of 14 three-point tries. In total field goals we were 18 of 54. In freethrows: 13 of 18.
Staebler had the team-best eleven rebounds. Zosel led in assists with six. Rohloff had two steals.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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