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A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn

A historic building on our U of M-Morris campus - morris mn
The multi-ethnic building was the original home of the music department at UMM. (B.W. photo)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Correy Hickman scores 23 points vs. Benson

Tigers 75, Benson 30
The Benson gym was the site for a Tigers vs. Braves game on Friday, Jan. 15. MACA owned the night with a convincing win. Correy Hickman gave lots of fuel to the MACA "mo." Hickman poured in 23 points in this 75-30 win. We jumped up 37-15 by halftime.
Becca Holland made two 3-pointers and finished with 18 points. These three Tigers each made one 3-pointer: Riley Decker, Karly Fehr and Hickman. Moira McNally contributed ten points. Then we have Ashley Solvie (8), Jenna Howden (6), Decker (3), Fehr (3), Abbie McNally (2) and Nicole Solvie (2).
Three Tigers each had five rebounds: Ashley Solvie, McNally and Howden. Hickman had four assists and McNally three. Hickman stole the ball eight times while Ashley Solvie had four steals.
Benson's Amanda Nissen made two 3-pointers. Dana Rud had one 3-point make. Nissen was Benson's top scorer with 13 points. Presley Gonnerman scored five points. The list continues with Danielle Himley (3), Rud (3), Megan Amundson (2), Kaitlyn Knutson (2) and Rachel Lee (2).
Himley and Gonnerman each had five rebounds. Nissen and Gonnerman each dished out two assists.
The conference success upped the Morris Area Chokio Alberta won-lost mark to 4-2 in conference. In overall we're 6-8.
Boys: Melrose 79, Tigers 47
Melrose took command in a BBB contest played Thursday in Morris. Melrose gained its 12th win of the season against one loss. This was done with a 79-47 final score. The halftime score was 32-25. The MACA Tigers entered the weekend with a 9-6 overall mark, 3-4 in conference.
Jacob Zosel was a bright spot for MACA with 24 points including three 3-pointers. Eric Staebler made one '3' and finished with 15 points. Sean Amundson scored five points and Camden Arndt three.
Staebler led in rebounds with eight. Zosel contributed three assists. Staebler stole the ball three times.
Melrose was lifted by four players in double figures scoring. The charge was led by Drake Meyer with 19 points. Colton Meyer and Tyler Braegelmann each scored 14 points, and Dillon Haider added ten. Brady Birch added six points to the mix. The list continues with Adam VanBeck (4), Zach VanBeck (3), Jordan Klaphake (3), Justin Middendorf (2), Zach Ettel (2) and Hunter Rieland (2).
Haider and Drake Meyer each made two 3-pointers. Zach VanBeck and Klaphake each made one long-ranger.
Remembering "Eye Opener"
We lost Don Riley recently. I don't expect many young people or young adults to remember the old scribe. He had a popular and idiosyncratic column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. On many an afternoon I'd buy the St. Paul paper at the student center at St. Cloud State, mainly so I could read Riley's "Eye Opener" column in sports.
You could expect humor. You could expect irreverence. You could also expect politically incorrect assertions, certainly by today's standards. Riley covered women's golf as if his only interest was in the athletes' looks. The criterion was of the type you'd expect as applied by the Dean Martin Variety Hour.
I remember him writing of women golfers: "My God but they're ungainly and crude." He picked out Laura Baugh as a nice sexy exception, and said of this blonde: "She's the only one I'd care to share a rhumba with." Try getting that past a copy desk today.
Women's athletics in general was a novelty that the well-established sportswriters of the time just didn't know how to handle. The one thing they had trouble doing was writing about female athletes like they wrote about all other athletes. And when they did start taking it seriously, they could still be condescending at times. They couldn't keep from attaching an asterisk of sorts to women's sports.
I remember myself, being surprised that female hoops players could even make 3-point shots. Mary Holmberg would want to bang me over the head for sharing that memory.
Don Riley had these offbeat subheads in his column that could be such a delight: "I'll talk, you listen." "Scatter-gunning from the catbird's seat." "Behind the lockers." "Don't print that." I remember coaxing Bart Hill to use one or two of these in his youth baseball submissions to me at the Morris paper in the1980s!
Riley set up this amusing adversarial relationship with Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers. It was faux teasing and anger, of course. He just seized on a rivalry. He would sometimes publish angry feedback from a Wisconsin fan, and then react with his own (faux) vitriol. He'd respond by saying, for example: "And you'll love the view at Happy Acres." Of course that's politically incorrect humor too.
Yes, it was a more innocent and naive time in the history of our civilization. We worshipped the Vikings back then in the 1970s. We didn't know those poor men were being physically and mentally hurt to such a great degree by their sport. Fred McNeill the linebacker recently died because of degenerative brain problems. Alzheimer's or CTE? Lou Gehrig may not have died from Lou Gehrig's Disease.
The Star Tribune has had some long-time survivors from that era. I wonder if Sid Hartman has a ghostwriter today. At least there must be a very vigilant editor. Sid is at a very advanced age and should just be enjoying retirement. He has stayed at the dance too long, just like Herb Carneal did. Some people just cannot let go.
Patrick Reusse is a holdover from the Riley era, and he often strikes me as a throwback with his cynicism and incisive eye. My generation when young understood and accepted that cynicism and frankness. Young people of today who have studied "conflict resolution" are far less understanding. Today's youth are encouraged to be "glass half full" types. It was impossible to be like that in the age of the Viet Nam war.
Don Riley belongs in another age. He did give spice during that age. Don Riley RIP.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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